Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 Questionaire!

Whew! I made it in to the Hogwarts Sock Swap2! I'm officially a first year Griffindor. If anyone would like to join in the fun check out Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 for the details.

Anywhooo, here's my Hogwarts Sock Swap Questionnaire

1. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into? Gryffindor

2. Shoe size? 7 1/2

3. Foot Length? 9 inches

4. Foot Circumference?
Ball of foot 8 1/2 inches
Ankle 8 1/4 inches
Instep Circumference 9 inches

5. List your three favorite double-point needle brands, including size and length.
a. Clover size 2 5"
b. Boye size 3 (not a huge fan of metal, but these are purple!!)
c. Clover 4 5"

6. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so, which brand? Size? Length?
Yes! Any brand and size or length is fine!!

7. Allergies? Do you have any? Will your knitting be exposed to smoke or animals?
No allergies here, but I do have cats and a dog!

8. Are you an international participant (outside US)? Are you willing to have an international Hogwarts Sock Pal?
Just the US this time please.

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Blogger Rebecca said...

15 points for Gryffindor! Yay! The best House (mine, of course).

Welcome to Hogwarts!

July 17, 2007 at 2:30 PM  

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