Sunday, July 8, 2007

Easy to connect my "#$**"!! O.k.....we've added a new computer to the household last week and here I am still trying to get it to connect with the internet. I've been driving myself crazy with the whole thing. I bought one of the little USB adapters and all went detected the network, signed in, got a partial ISP address and then promplty informed me that it could not connect to the internet...what the &*&*?? Well, needless to say my fuse is short so I'm having the provider to come out and do it as I'm fed up. I'm sure that when the guy comes it will take him all of 2 seconds to fix the problem and I'll feel like a total idiot. I'm trying to remind myself that id doesn't matter as long as it works, *&^% it!!! MACHINES!!!!



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